Thursday, 28 July 2011

Re-style your style!

Ok guys, so today I thought I'd try something different: Kind of a "how to" thing. We all love clothes, that's a fact.........but sometimes what's gorgeous in one person's eyes, isn't in another's. And that's cool, difference and uniqueness is what makes this world so interesting. So what I'm doing today is a little step-by-step to exaggerating your 'unique appeal' and creating your very own style that will get heads turning and help you to feel like a totally new person!


Keep your mind and eyes open, as inspiration may strike at any minute. Check fashion magazines, blogs, other people and fabric stores etc for ideas. But don't just copy them - make them your own and change it up!


Take a trip out to a department store or drugstore and see if you can grab hold of a few free makeovers. Try your luck at more than one, so you can get a professional to do a different look on you each time. This will help you to easily see what looks suit you. Once you've found "your look" you can expand on this and end up with a multitude of different looks to flatter your face.


Again, take your inspiration for your hair from magazine and other people, and pop into a few hairdressers and see if they can give you some lookbooks to flick through. Then once you have a few ideas in mind, go book an appointment. Talk through your ideas with your hairdresser, and take guidance and advice from them as to which look may suit you best. Once you have picked a style you would like, tweak it with any extra layers or colours etc that you would like.


Try wearing all black & white, or all one colour, or clashing prints. Go wild! Go through your closet and mix and match everything. Even if you think it won't work, give it a go! You can never tell with clothes, as each garment will look different with every single thing. Try out different accessories - a sparkly blingy necklace with a biker-girl look, or military boots with a floral dress and rock chick jewellery. Mix it up! Perhaps have a signature accessory that you wear with everything - a charm bracelet perhaps.

Finally, one thing: Enjoy what you wear and feel comfortable in it. As long as you feel fabulous in it, people will pick up on this, and you'll feel and look totally unique and irresistable!
Happy styling!

<3 xx

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